The Blushing Bride (Post 1)

Advice from one bride-to-be to another…

I have heard many of my friends, family members and clients say that planning a wedding is almost equivalent to having a second job. What bride does not want her day to be perfect?! Whether you are having a backyard wedding to an elegant princess wedding, it is every bride’s dream to make this day one of the most memorable days of her life! I think that most brides focus so much on what happens prior to the wedding, that we sometimes forget about the actual day. I could not stress how important it is to have a day-of-coordinator. This person is every bride’s life saver! Here are some benefits of having an amazing day-of-coordinator, or as I would like to call them: your “hero” for the day! A day-of-coordinator’s role is to check with every vendor to confirm all details, arrival times, floor plans, itineraries, and of course the final walkthrough of the ceremony and reception. The coordinator will manage the rehearsal and handle all details on the wedding day. Day-of-coordinators usually spend a good amount of time prior to the wedding, as well, in addition to being the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave on your wedding day. The timeline of your day is so important, why leave it up to Aunt Betty to manage? The day-of-coordinator is the one that will help everything run smoothly. From the moment you enter your ceremony to the time you exit your reception, the time on this day is so precious to every couple that is getting married. It is important to have someone that will be in charge of details like: “time to cut the cake” or “time to have your first dance”. I would say that the main purpose of the day-of-coordinator is to make sure that no one (especially the bride) is aware of any incidents that may occur.  Everything is done behind the scenes to make a bride’s wedding a dream come true! So, if you feel comfortable planning the bigger items of your day but still want support and to relieve your stress on the actual day, while truly enjoying every moment and ultimately not worrying about anything… a day-of-coordinator is the way to go! I can assure you that this will be the second best decision that you make on your very important day… (first one being, marrying your best friend)!
xoxo BB

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